I received this question:

Hello! I am a planning on teaching either Challenge 1 or 2 for Classical Conversations which would include teaching Henle 1 or 2. I am finishing up Challenge A but hired a Latin tutor to teach my portion. Now that I missed out on a year of learning some Latin, I’m in a bit of a pickle. How can I learn all of Henle 1 in 3 months? It may not be possible but I thought I’d ask your opinion since you have studied Latin for so long. Do you have any courses I could take over the summer to help me truly prepare to teach Henle by September? Thanks for your input! I appreciate it!

Here is my reply:


First Year Latin is 472 pages long.  472 divided by 90 (days of summer) is a bit more than 5 pages a day.  You could just jump in now and move a the rate of 5 pages a day.  That would not be too overwhelming, I think.  Of course, if you start now, you may only have do commit to 4 pages a day.  Even better!  🙂

If you are teaching Challenge A, I don’t think you would even need to know the entire book.  As I recall, Challenge A goes through about half of the book.  Is that correct?  Neither I nor my kids are in Classical Conversations.  

I am seriously considering an intensive onine class this summer.  You are the second person to bring it up.

Let me know if I can be any more help!