Since I did not have to join the forums, I am actually a bit confused by the process.  How do students join the forum?  Once in, how do they join the correct group?

One of my online students sent this note.  She says it actually quite simple.

Mr Thomas,

I did not have any trouble. After you make an account in the blog there is a “request membership” button in the forum beside each room. After you click it, a comment box appears and then you can send the request.

I hope this helps you with informing other students.

The Visual Latin forum is free.  I will allow users to join, post and ask questions.  Of course, all the regular caveats apply.  If you are a digital potty mouth, for example, I will remove you.  With pleasure.

All other forums are free only to online students and their parents.  Anyone else who would like to join must pay $5 per month.  Pay for the entire year and receive a discount.  The annual rate is $50 per year.