I received this comment:

I’m so sorry to hear about your technical challenges lately. I hope your work is coming together better now.

Just dropping a note to see if in one of your blog posts you could address how your family homeschool and what things you value as you frame your curriculum choice. I know you’re full of so much wisdom and humor.

Took your advice to have my 13-yo son learn Spanish through Duolingo. He is really interested in learning now and self-propelled because of it.

Blessings and peace,

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

I’m not sure I am the person qualified to respond to such a question.  My wife and I are still trying to figure it out.  I suppose we’ll probably have it all solved by the time our last kid leaves home.  🙂

I don’t know if you have seen this, but, this is the way I was homeschooled when I was a kid: https://www.compassclassroom.com/homeschooling.  This is certainly what we are attempting to do with my own children.  

I want my kids to read extensively, spend a lot of time outside, and, if possible, pursue what they’re interested in.  

This is how I was educated.  I read extensively, spent a ridiculous amount of time outside, and pursued what fascinated me.  Turns out, languages, history, and exploration fascinated me.  They still fascinate me.  

When it comes to homeschooling my kids, I always look for the simple solution.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am rarely interested in the easy solution.  As you very likely know, simple does not mean easy.  

I hope this helps a little.  Happy to keep this conversation alive.