Didn’t send a tip of the week last Saturday.  And, yet, it seems the world moved on.  I assume you are okay.  I haven’t heard otherwise.

Are you ever uncertain about the pronunciation of a word?  No worries.  There is a solution.

There is a site that teaches you to pronounce words correctly.  It’shttp://howjsay.com/.  I use the site frequently.  It was a big part of the vocabulary class I taught last year.

No reason to sound foolish anymore when you trip over words.  Just type the word into http://howjsay.com/.

On another note, I am in Ohio at the moment.  Visiting relatives and friends for the weekend.  When I get home on Tuesday, I am going to be scheduling several orientation meetings.  These meetings will prepare you for the upcoming live classes that begin on August 30.

In other words, you are going to start hearing from me more frequently over the next few weeks.  Perhaps it’s good that I didn’t email you last week.

Have a happy Sunday!  (There is not enough Saturday left… so, happy Sunday!)

Dwane Thomas’ Tip of the Week, August 6, 2016