I don’t have much time to grade the work of my students these days.   But, over the past few years, I had committed to grading the work of many.  A few dozen of those students remain.

If I had only girls in my classes, I might continue to grade.  But, that is not the case.  There are boys in my classes, too.

I have graded the work of thousands of students.  In general, the girls do what I ask them to do.  The boys don’t.  Can’t complain.  I was the same.  I became a good student after graduation.

Anyway, I am sending this notice to my students if I am checking their work:


Before I check this, I need to ask you… did you pre-check your work?  I already see quite a few mistakes in your work.  There is no reason to receive a bad grade on an assignment in my classes since I have provided the means to edit your own work.

There are several things you can do.  You can post your work in the forums.  There you may receive feedback from other students.  Best of all, with the forums, you don’t have to wait around for me to answer.  Other students are there to help.

The other thing you can do is pretty simple.  You can self-edit by comparing your answers to the answers of other students in the “Student Answer” sections of my site.  You can also read other student mistakes and you can read my notes about those mistakes.  Most students make the same mistakes. Most students struggle with the same things.

After checking your work using the two suggestions above, you are welcome to send your work to me.