I received this question:

Which of your fall classes would you recommend that our daughter take next?  Is she ready yet for Foundations & Fables?

Sorry, I am still confused—I think I need to back up and ask what Latin level she is completing when she is done with Henle 1 this summer– is that the equivalent of completing Latin 1 or Latin 2?  Is Henle 2 the equiv. of Latin level 2 or 3?  Would she need to complete Henle 2 before taking Foundations & Fables (level 3) or are they equivalent?

So grateful for all your help and awesome teaching!  You have made the study of Latin not only doable, but desirable for our student!

Here is my reply:

Almost all schools spread books like Robert Henle’s First Year Latin over two years.  This annoys me.  After all, the name of the book is First Year Latin.  It would be great for me financially to spread Mr. Henle’s First Year Latin book over two years, but that feels dishonest.  

That said, most programs would consider completion of the first half of the book Latin 1.  Completion of the second half would be Latin 2.  Of course, this means that Bryn has already completed Latin 1 and is about to complete Latin 2.

Robert Henle’s Second Year Latin (Caesar’s Gallic Wars) is considered Latin 3.

She will certainly be ready for Latin 3, which I am calling Foundations and Fables.  We will be reading what typical Latin 3 students would read.  We will start with the easy stuff, the myths.  Reading from the Old Testament will be tougher.  Reading Caesar’s Gallic Wars will be the toughest.  

It will be a challenging class, but, yes, she is ready.

Let me know if I have confused you more!