I received this email:


My daughter is finishing up Lingua Latina with you this semester and she is wanting to go on to do a third year (and eventually fourth year of Latin. Some of the college requirements we have looked at prefer 4 yrs of the same foreign language). Would that be Fables or is there another class that is textbook based?”

Here is my reply:

I will be teaching an online Caesar class this fall.  This is a course colleges would definitely recognize.  

As for the Fables and Foundations course, it is an advance reading class.  I am just not sure it would be recognized by colleges.  We will be reading through Ritchie’s Latin Reader.  This is an old text from the last century.  I have a feeling it would be recoginized by colleges.  I know that it is used here in Franklin by several college preparatory schools.  We will read through the reader during the Fall semester.  In the spring Semester, we will read through Genesis… or, as much of the book as we can get through.  

I will also likely be adding a class on Cicero, but that will not be until Fall of 2016.  I will probably also add Lingua Latina part 2 that year.  That book is certainly not as fun as the first book.  It is an advance reader including writings by Caesar, Cicero, and other famous Roman writers.  Both are advanced courses.  Both would be recognized by colleges.

Let me know if you need any more help!