I received this inquiry:

I watched your YouTube video about online class offerings and the sibling discounts, and was excited to learn you’re considering a class that could be an alternative to Henle 2 (which we’ve signed up for already). If that class becomes available, would I be able to “transfer” my son from Henle 2 into that one? 

As background, my son started with Wheelock’s, but has now nearly finished Lingua Latina with another provider. For a few reasons, the most significant being a time conflict, he won’t be continuing with that provider next year. We’re familiar with Henle and know it will be a fine class, but a less boring option is always better. 🙂

Here is my reply:

If the time works, you could switch over to Fables and Foundations. I have adjusted the content of the class.  We will read through a book of the Greek and Latin myths in the fall.  In the spring, we will tackle the book of Genesis.  We will finish class with Caesar’s Gallic Wars. This class will be the equivalent of the Henle 2 class, and will count as Latin 3.