This week, someone asked me, “Are there audio books I could listen to in Latin?”

Here is an excerpt from my book Via.


In 2011, Faith Comes By released

Here you will find the entire New Testament, fully dramatized as an audio book, in Latin, for free!  Thanks to, you now have access to a massive Latin audio book.  This is significant.  Such an audio book has never been available in Latin before.

There are a few other audio books I can recommend.  None of them are as comprehensive as what you will find at

My students know that my favorite Latin book is Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  I will discuss this book more in the next chapter.  For now, though, you should know that there are several audio versions of the book:

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata  by Hans Ørberg

Lingua Latina read by the author himself (restored Classical pronunciation):

Lingua Latina chapters 1 – 10 (restored Classical pronunciation):

Lingua Latina:  A free reading of the first 8 chapters

A partial reading of Lingua Latina (using Ecclesiastical pronunciation):

Cornelia by Mima Maxey

I personally recorded a short graded reader some time ago.  Cornelia is the story of a little American girl from the early 1900’s.  The book, about 80 pages long is free:

The audio version of Cornelia, read by me, in Ecclesiastical Latin, is available here:|-Cornelia-%252d-Read-by-Dwane-Thomas-[Audio]