I received this inquiry on Facebook:
I haven’t purchased a Latin program for my kids. My oldest is currently in 3rd grade. I am ready to buy now, but still not sure which one. 
I’m feeling very overwhelmed by the choices. I just want to feel secure in picking a program that will engage the kids, but more importantly help them understand English better. Thanks for your time!!

Here is my reply:

We recommend starting Visual Latin around 4th or 5th grade. It is a tough course. Rather, it gets tough quickly. 

That said, some families have had success starting in 3rd grade and progressing at a slower pace.  Since it is a video course, you are more than welcome to go at any pace you like. 

If you do start Visual Latin, and begin to feel overwhelmed, just slow down.  This strategy works for almost everyone.

However, I should point something out.  I have been teaching Latin to younger kids for years and years.  The older I become, the more I believe we should teach them Spanish (or French, or Italian) first, and then teach them Latin. 

These languages are easier than Latin.  If they learn a Romance language first, students are approaching Latin from the shallow end of the pool. 

I teach in an inner city school. My best students, by far, are my Hispanic students.  Their knowledge of Spanish gives them a massive head start. 

If you decide to wait on Visual Latin, I recommend Spanish in the interim.  If you do decide to start Visual Latin, take it slow. 

Unfortunately, I just don’t know of much out there for the younger guys when it comes to Latin.  I will be starting on a series of fables and fairy tales in Latin this summer.  These will be geared toward the younger students.  Unfortunately for you, it will likely not be ready soon enough. 

Happy to continue this conversation with you.  Let me know if I can help.