I received this question:

What you recommend for Latin for younger kids?  We have heard from other moms that their older Challenge students really struggle having little to no Latin background. Our kids soak everything up right now and we would love to give them a really good foundation to learn Latin and Biblical Greek. Thank you!!!!

Here is my reply:

I don’t have much to recommend.  These days, I recommend Spanish.

I recommend Spanish for multiple reasons.  

First, there is so much out there for Spanish, and so much of it is kid friendly.  You will not have trouble finding material for younger children.

Second, Spanish is about 80% – 90% Latin.  Most Spanish vocabulary comes directly from Latin.  In class, my Hispanic students are generally my best students.  They have a big head start.

Third, if you never make it to Latin, or if you never finish Latin, at least, you will be able to speak Spanish.  This reason alone is good enough for me.  

I wish I had started teaching my own kids Spanish when they were small.  I started teaching them Latin.  They can read in Latin, and that’s great.  But, I truly believe that if I had started with Spanish and had then moved into Latin, they would be able to read in Latin… and speak Spanish.

I have blogged about this a bit on my site.  This page may help: https://dwanethomas.com/?s=younger

Have a happy Saturday!