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My children are taking Visual Latin 1 as high school students. We are on week 10 where they are starting into reading the Familia Romana. We are not sure what is meant on the daily schedule for “Listening” on day 1 and day 5. Of course they listen to Dwayne read and repeat out loud, but that is on day 2. We don’t want to missing anything and want to be able to check off the “listening” section. We are just not sure what to do. Thank you!

Here is my reply:

Hi Tami,

As for listening, I simply recommend my students listen to this for at least a few minutes a day: http://www.bible.is/LTNNVV/Matt/1

The monks who read this will sing for a few minutes.  Be patient.  They only do this at the beginning of the books.  When they start reading, just follow along.  From time to time, pause and imitate.  It absolutely does not matter if you do not understand what they are saying.  You are just working on pronunciation.

Let me know if you need more help.