I received this email:

Hi! I use Visual Latin with my older children, and will start it later with my boys who are in 2nd & 3rd grade. Is there any way to add Latin now with them? Just start learning vocabulary? Or are there concepts they can start learning now? Start memorizing declensions? Or should I just wait till they start VL in a year or two?

Thanks for any pointers 🙂

Here is my reply: 

Hi Ashley,

There is not much out there for the younger crowd when it comes to Latin.  I wish this were not the case.  Oh, well.

Just to master pronunciation, I used to play this in the background as my kids fell asleep: http://www.bible.is/LTNNVV/Matt/1  Some of my kids found it peaceful.  Some didn’t like it at all.  

Your boys may go for it.

They could start playing with the vocabulary on Quizlet if they liked.  http://quizlet.com/subject/visual-latin/  There is plenty there to keep them going for a bit.  My own children like quizlet.  They spend a few minutes every day reviewing flash cards.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of much else.  

Someone needs to create more kid friendly Latin materials… 


Let me know if you need more help!