You all know that I teach Latin online. Many of you are in my classes.  Those classes started this week.

For the most part, everything went well.  That is… until we got to the Henle Latin 1 class.  That one did not go so well.

Quite a few of you were locked out of the class. One minor oversight on my part turned into a major disaster for everyone.

Well, if missing a Latin class is a major disaster…

I’d like to make that class up.  I feel bad that’s so many of you missed it. That’s a lousy way to start the school year.

So, if you’re interested, and if you have some time this Saturday morning, I’ll be back.  I’m going to teach the same class.  Class will be at 10 AM Central time zone.

This gives you a chance to catch what you missed. And, it gives me a chance to make sure all systems are go before next week.

When you joined my class, you should have received a receipt. In that receipt is a PDF file named “subscription”.  In that PDF file, you will find the links to all of the live classes.

Open that file, click on Henle Latin 1 and join me this Saturday.

By the way, this is optional. You are not required to come.

See you Saturday!