I received this question:

Hi Mr. Thomas!

I had a question about the Lingva Latina. I have trouble with the HW assignments after the chapters, because I feel like it is stuff I have’t learned. For example the translating to English. In the normal work there is none of that. Another example is some of the endings are crazy and I just don’t know them. I have been following the guide of chapters to go with the lessons in the normal work, but I just feel like the Lingva is a book for scholars when it comes to the HW in it 🙂

Here is my reply:

You are correct.  Lingua Latina is one tough book.  

Fortunately, I have taken hundreds of students through this book, so I know it can be done.  I am confident you can do this.  My confidence comes from the fact that I have seen so many other students push through.

However, it does take some students longer than others.  That is okay.  

You have a few options.

You could drop out.  I don’t recommend this.  It seems to do something to you.  You may live with the regret that you did not push yourself through something difficult.  You may live with the regret that you let Latin take you down.  I know how this feels.  I took Algebra four times in college.  Each time I thought Algebra was going to take me down.  And each time it nearly did.  In the end, I defeated Algebra.  It was on heck of a fight, and I felt beat up on the other side of victory… but, I did achieve the victory.  I am glad I stuck it out.  I feel you will be happier with yourself if you stick it out, too.  Algebra is a bully. Latin is a bully.  Fight the bullies.  It’s worth it.  You could drop out, but I do not recommend it.  If you need to, though, you will get no condemnation from me.  It happens all the time.

Second, you could slow down.  Since all classes are recorded, you can really move at whatever pace you need to.  You can go as slowly as you like.  It does not hurt to review the chapters many, many times.  I have read the same Greek book 15 to 20 times as I have taught myself Greek.  (Greek is another academic bully).

Third, you could try to keep up with the regular class.  If you don’t get it the first time, you are welcome to repeat the class as often as you like… for free.  Students in my classes pay tuition only once.  After that, they are welcome to repeat class as often as needed.  

I also recommend you use this strategy as you go through this course: https://youtu.be/POB37pLN_vY

Please let me know if you need more help.  

Also, if you have specific questions, I am happy to help.