I received this question from a student:

I got very behind in my Lingua Latina Latin class this year because I enrolled in a full course load at the community college and still had homeschool high school courses to complete. I was hoping that I could enroll in Lingua Latina Latin 2 next year, which means that I would finish year one over the summer on my own. Would that be possible to do without losing the progress that I have already made or would I need to start over next year? Please let me know. Your good news stands between me and my mother’s ire.

Here is my reply:

THAT is the way I prefer to study languages.  I try to take a few months and push through at high speed.  During the summer, I used to be able to focus on one subject.  I loved it.  Can’t do it as much anymore.  I envy you.  Do it!  

Also, I am very likely going to be teaching a Lingua Latina review course this summer.   You are welcome to join if you like.