I received this question:

Our school is in its second year with a new high school (very soft, very quiet open). Four students, three ninth-graders, and one 11th grader. I am needing help in how to divide the Lingua Latina into courses. Latin 1, Latin 2, etc. Surely somewhere there is a transitional chart that translates where a student has had Henle 1 where I should begin them in this program. Any help you can offer is GREATLY appreciated!

Here is my reply:

As much as I hate to say it, if you are reading Lingua Latina, you must start at the beginning.  

First Year Latin by Robert Henle teaches 497 words.  Lingua Latina teaches student almost 2,000.  It is a numbers game. Students who leave Henle Latin and start reading Lingua Latina find that they are under prepared.  It isn’t their fault. They are simply showing up in a combat zone with too little ammunition.  First Year Latin by Robert Henle simply does not provide students with enough vocabulary.

Since Lingua Latina is a novel, it doesn’t really matter.  Students find that they enjoy the stories. They would not want to start in the middle of the book anyway.