This week I received this note:

Hi!  Just wanted to let you know how we LOVE visual latin – my two older kids do it with me. : )

Are you planning to ever do a video series for visual greek? We would buy it.

You probably don’t need any more things about goals but here is another one. :- ) The book “Living Forward“, is the free audiobook of the month for January at You just sign up and get it.

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

I am moving back to Greece in two months… for one reason.  I am moving back to become fluent in Greek so that I can produce something like Visual Latin… for Greek.

Now the bad news.

Unfortunately… it’s going to take me a while.  I am estimating six more years.  My goal is to have the course available by my 50th birthday.

As for Living Forward, I am always looking for more books about goals.  Sounds like my kind of book.  Just downloaded it.  I am going to try to listen to some of it today and tomorrow.  If I love it, it will become the “tip of the week” thanks to you!  In our aimless culture, I feel people need to be constantly reminded to stay on course.


Well, I read it.  Sure enough, it is a good reminder not to be aimless in our aimless culture.  The book is full of practical tips for identifying your life’s goal and direction.  It was not my favorite book on the subject, but, given the price, I find it easy to recommend.   All you have to provide is your email.

I listened to the book while driving and while running.  Well worth the time and the email.

Get it here for free this month:

Dwane Thomas’ Tip of the Week, January 14, 2017