I received this email:

To make a long story short, I found Visual Latin online and my daughter and I both loved the samples we viewed. While asking questions on The Well Trained Mind forums about the program, I was referred here to your blog where I found your live classes. Do you mind providing a loose estimate of the average weekly time commitment to the online class (apart from the actual class time online) using Lingua Latina?

We homeschool and my daughter has just started her 9th-grade level work. I want to make sure the workload is doable with the other outsourced classes she’s enrolled in. I believe your online class is our best option as I had two years of Latin in high school but it has all pretty much left my brain at this point. It would be great for her to have a great teacher and access to an expert- I just need to see if it will fit with her schedule this year or if we would do better to wait until the following year.

Thank you


Here is my reply:


There really are two separate products here.   Visual Latin is a DVD/download course.   It covers all of Latin grammar in two years.   The goal is to have students reading the New Testament by the end of the course.   

Many students, after finishing Visual Latin, are interested in going further.   This is where my online classes come in.   Subscribers to my site have access to each and every online class that I teach.   They have access to the live classes as well as to the archived classes.   Currently there are over 500 videos.   And, that number is increasing at the rate of 7 to 10 videos per week.  

The online classes and the archived classes on my site are “next level” classes.   These are not really beginner courses.   They can be used as beginner courses, but I really do recommend Visual Latin first.   Students who have been through Visual Latin have a much easier time with the classes on my site.  

As for time commitments, students in my online classes will attend class for one hour a week.   In general, they will spend about an hour a day outside of class working on assignments or reading.   I recommend students take Sundays off.   This means that a student can plan to spend about six hours a week on Latin or Greek.

Let me know if you need more help!

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Dwane Thomas