I received this email last week.  Though I have tried to respond several times, the server keeps tossing it back my way.  I am afraid it isn’t going through.  I will post the email and my response here.  Hopefully, you will find it.  (You know who you are.)  Of course, it may help the rest of you as well…

I need help with scheduling. I see your sample schedule in the teachers resource. My son has started VL 2 and I want to help him make a weekly schedule to earn a HS credit. When he is doing ex. lesson 34. You have suggested he go back and review a previous lessons vocab. or endings. Is there a specific order that this should be done? (go back 5 or 10 lessons?) Also, I just received Lingua Latina. He didn’t have this book for VL 1. Should we try to complete the whole book or do each chapter for 2 weeks as scheduled? Should he do the exercises in Lingua Latina? Thanks so much,


My reply:

For some reason this went to a spam folder.  I am so sorry.

As for review… I suggest you go back 5 or so lessons for review.  More if necessary.  The vocabulary piles up.  I just want to make sure students don’t forget too much.

When it comes to Lingua Latina, since you have already completed VL 1, just have your son start reading.  He will reach a stopping point in the book at some point.  It is a tough, tough, book.  Fun… but, tough.  At that point, have him slow down and begin attempting two chapters a week.  

I recommend you attempt the exercises from Lingua Latina, but, only the exercises included in the book itself.  It is not necessary to order the Lingua Latina workbook.  

There is a section in the back of every chapter called “Pensum”.  This is roughly Latin for “homework”.  There are three “Pensa”.  Pensum A requires students to fill in the missing endings.  It is the toughest of the three.  Pensum B is a fill in the blank exercise.  It is the easiest of the three.   Pensum C is a short answer exercise.  

If you are pressed for time, do the Visual Latin worksheets and attempt Pensum B.  If you find you are really enjoying it (some people do), tackle all three Pensa.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.