I received this inquiry:

“When reading the chapter ever day are they (we, I’m trying to do this with her) suppose to be reading in English, Latin or both?


We are using the Cassell’s Latin Dictionary both Latin-English and English-Latin. Many of the vocabulary words she already knows so she hasn’t done them all. So should we be doing vocabulary 1st before we start reading?And the dictionary is confusing to me. Should I be using something different?   


Here is my reply:

Read in English, Latin, or whatever you need to read in for it to sink in.  🙂  

The trick is to read frequently.  I am learning Italian right now.  When I read, I read in Italian.  Then I will read thinking in English.  Sometimes I will translate out loud in English.  After that, I will read out loud in Italian.  In other words, I try everything.  Basically, I want to hit my brain from every angle.

As for vocabulary, keep this site open nearby: http://archives.nd.edu/words.html.

It’s so easy.  Type in the word you are struggling with and this dictionary will look it up for you.  What could be better?  🙂

If you want to practice vocabulary, go to Quizlet and type in Lingua Latina.  You will get the vocabulary as flashcards and as games.  Fun way to practice.

So, vocabulary first, or no?  I go back and forth on this one.  I have seen students use flash cards with great success.  It’s not for me.  I’ve tried.  Just doesn’t do it for me.  Personally, I like to learn vocabulary via extensive reading.  I have read some language books dozens of times until it clicks.  Currently doing this with Greek.  If I were you, I would try everything.  Test it all.  Find what works.  

Let me know if you need more help!