I am moving my family to Greece in a month.  Well, almost.  We will be in Israel for a few weeks first.

If you are concerned about my safety, you are not the only one.  Several people have cautioned me about moving to Greece.

A few days ago, I did a safety search on Athens.  The results were grim.  Murder, rape, theft.  It was actually rather depressing.  But, then I noticed the news was about Athens, Georgia.

I am not kidding.

Meanwhile, in Athens, Greece, they were rioting in the streets.  The government had suggested retirement pensions should drop from €2,700 per month to €2,500 per month.

Results of the riot?  A few minor injuries and a few arrests.  Advice for foreigners?  Stay away from the riots and protests.  Typically, they are planned, and announced ahead of schedule.

Meanwhile, British writer and traveller Simon Reeves writes this: “You are not going to be confronted by desperate scenes unless you seek them on the islands closest to Turkey. It’s up to you.”

I grew up in Europe.  In fact, I have recently renewed my British citizenship.  I just received a British passport last week.

Terrorism, tight security, checkpoints, and “Your papers, please…”  were a normal part of growing up for me.  No big deal.  That’s just the way life was.  I always felt safe in Europe.

When I returned to America at the age of 18, that’s when I began to feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

I’ve never been to Athens, Greece.  Perhaps I am making a foolish decision.  However, I have been to Athens, Georgia.  Was there a few years ago, in fact.  Stopped late one night for gas.  Didn’t like it one bit.  I felt very uncomfortable.  I was happy to move on.

Perhaps I will feel the same in Athens, Greece.  Perhaps, but, I doubt it.  I will let you know in a few months.

Meanwhile, while you read all the negativity about Greece, read this too: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/greece/12133273/Simon-Reeve-Greece-will-always-have-the-capacity-to-surprise.html