I received this question:

I am planning out our 2017-18 school year. We have been involved in Classical Conversations for seven years now. Due to some changes in our family, we will be taking the year off from CC. I am looking into online Latin classes for our son and daughter. Our son will be 15 next year and our daughter will be 12. I would like to possibly have their work graded. I have a few questions:

1. What day of the week and time will the Henle Latin 1 class be next year and when will it start?

2. Would this be appropriate for our 12 year old? Can we re-watch the classes if we need to?

3.  How much would next year cost if we pay all of it up front?

Thanks so much!

Here is my reply:

I’m still working on my schedule for next year. It will very likely be the same as it was this year. This year, on Tuesdays, I taught Henle Latin 1 from 9 – 10 central time zone.  Henle Latin 2 was from 10 to 11.

This year, on Wednesdays, I taught Lingua Latina 1 from 9 – 10 central time zone.  Lingua Latina 2 was from 10 to 11.  And, I taught Lingua Latina (Roma Aeterna) from 11 – 12.  

Next year I will likely be adding Greek, and possibly a vocabulary class.

All classes are recorded, so yes. You can re-watch any class I teach. I never really take them down, so there are even classes from 2014 on my site currently. At the moment there about 600 videos on my site.

I highly recommend students be at least 13 years old before entering any of my classes. The classes that I teach more aggressive. For example, we finish First Year Latin by Robert Henle in, well… the first year.

I only charge per family.  If you want me to grade work, the cost is $500 per year.  I’m afraid I am near capacity. It is very difficult for me to keep up with the students I have now. I may not be taking on too many graded students next year. If you just want access to the live classes and the recorded classes, the cost is $250 per year.

A subscription grants access to every live class I teach. It also grants access to every recorded class on my site.