I received this question:

If we were to sign up now, what lesson will class be on for tomorrow 3/16? Are archived classes available?

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

There are no classes this week (March 16), next week (March 23), and the week after (March 30).  I am in Palestinian territory at the moment.   I plan to resume classes on April 5.  However, I will be in Greece for the rest of the school-year.  I hope the Internet will be strong enough for class, but cannot promise.  Worst case scenario, I will pre-record the remaining classes and students and I will communicate via email.  

That said, we are currently in chapter 31, and will move through chapter 32, and possibly 33 (they are short) in the next class.  We move at the rate of one chapter per week.

Archived classes are available at any time.  I have quite a few students, due to time differences, using archived classes alone.

Let me know if you need more help!