I received this inquiry:

I’m really interested in taking Lingua Latin 1, but the time doesn’t work with my schedule.  Would you be able to offer more times for Lingua?  I’m only able to take it if it’s after 3pm MST on Wednesdays, as I take a classical course before then.  Or would you offer it another day of the week, like Friday or any other weekday?

Here is my reply:

I am sorry for the delay.  Traveling this month.

At this time, no.  I am not planning to offer the class at any other time. There is not enough demand to justify a second time.  

However, I will be recording the class.  If interested, you could still participate in the class using recordings only.  I have several students who do this.  When I get home on July 10, I will be setting up a cheaper “recording only” option for this class.

I am sorry about the time conflict.