I received this question:

I hear you are moving to Greece soon!  That’s exciting!  How will that impact the end of this course?

Here is my reply:

I hope that my move will have no impact at all on the end of the course.  I had two weeks scheduled for spring break in March.  We were not going to have class on the 16th and the 23rd.  Because of travel, I will have to add the 30th as well.  This will push the last day of class to the second week of June.  

However, I am already pre-recording all missing classes so that students need not be in class during the last weeks of May or June.  Some families end school in May.  

I am also pre-recording every class so that students can keep going during Spring Break if they don’t want to take three weeks off.

Finally, I am pre-recording every class so that students can continue without interruption if I lose powerful internet while in Greece.  I am not anticipating this.  I am simply preparing for the worst.  I fully intend to teach from Greece.  Same days, same times.  Students will log in for the live classes just as they always do.  If all goes well, there should be very little change.

Even if I do not have powerful Internet, I will have access to something.  I will still be checking email, grading, blogging, responding to students, etc.