I received this email:


I am very interested in having my daughter do this online class but have a few questions about it’s structure.

1. Are the online classes interactive?

2. It seems that this class is a combination of both Visual Latin and Lingua Latina. What Lessons of Visual Latin are covered?

3. Do you do any quizzes or exams for the class?

4. My daughter will turn 13 in September, but will be entering grade 9 course work. Would this meet your minimum requirement?


BTW, my Daughter has worked through the first 30 lessons in some fashion. The first 20 with a good bit of interaction with me and some structure, but the last 10 with little interaction and no structure. She is hoping that this class might be of great help for her to really get the language.

Here is my reply:


As for the structure, students will log into class with me once a week.  In class, we will read together through the current chapter.  They will hear my voice, and will see the Latin chapter on the screen in front of them.  We will discuss difficult concepts in class.  They will do some translation in class.  After class, they will work on a weekly assignment.  They will send the assignment/translation to me and I will personally grade their work.  I will respond to them, pointing out any mistakes they made.  I will give them pointers in my responses.  

By the time the course is over, we will have covered (or, reviewed) all of Visual Latin.  Everything I taught there shows up in the online classes.

The online classes are rigorous.  I set the minimum age at 13 because they are so difficult.  They are for students who want to go beyond Visual Latin.  Of course, if your daughter finds herself in too deep, I am happy to refund tuition, no questions asked.   Or, she could simply repeat the class as often as she needs to for no extra charge.

The online classes fulfill all the requirements for high school Latin.  

Let me know if you need more help!