This note just made me happy.

Maybe I have a fragile ego.  Maybe I just spent too many formative years in a very negative work environment.  Who knows.  Whatever the reason, I love getting emails like this one.

“Your Latin teaching videos are fabulous and  I have fallen in love your teaching!

I was able to have a look at the enormous list of videos.

I’m impressed indeed!  How much energy and how many years must have gone into producing them all!!

I’ve finished viewing the first video and here again I’m astonished at the well-organized teaching method.

I’m thinking of joining Live Online Lingua Latina Class in the near future, but first of all I had better buy the textbook Lingua Latina.  Your introduction and explanation of the structure of the textbook in the video 1 has convinced me that I should buy a copy.”

He’s right.  A lot of energy and many years have gone into mastering Latin.

I can take you from no knowledge of Latin to reading the Vulgate (and other books) in Latin.  And, when you compare my online classes to other programs, I will do it in half the time and a fraction of the price.