I received this question:

We have a question about the recorded lessons…it seems that the families that signed up for this audit option are able to access the graded quiz at the end of the lessons…AND they must submit it before they can move on to the next lesson.  Is this okay for the audit option families?  In other words, we don’t want to do more than we paid for, so just making sure that all is as it should be!

Here is my reply:

Take all the quizzes you want!   Students who are auditing my classes have access to absolutely everything except personal homework grading.   Students in the live classes send homework assignments to me each week. I personally grade those assignments, adding notes where they went wrong.   As this is extremely time-consuming on my part, I will only do this for students who have signed up for the full class.   I do not grade the quizzes on my site.  My computer does.   Creating the quizzes, is time-consuming.  But, once the quizzes are available my computer takes over.   These quizzes are available for all of my students.  Auditing students as well.  

Have a great day!