I received a series of questions about the online vocabulary class.

I am very interested in auditing this class but before I commit, I have a few questions:

1. What are the major differences between taking this class versus auditing it?

2. If I would audit this course, would I be able to watch the classes during non-class times, for example, on the weekends?

3. Would you ever consider burning this class to DVDs as a stand alone product? 


Here is my reply:
As I am still developing this class, I am not entirely sure how to answer your first question.  I will not be grading or checking the work of auditors, and auditors will not have any required homework.  That would be the main difference, I suppose.

As for question 2, yes.  You could watch the recordings anytime.

As for question 3, good suggestion.  Currently, I have no plans to do so.  But, perhaps you are on to something.  At the moment, most of the research is going into developing more episodes of Word Up.

Let me know if you have further questions!