I received this inquiry:

“I really enjoy your videos in your web site and YouTube.  

I am confused as for example nouns Nom, Gen, Dat, Acc, Abl in every other source I use it is in a different order for example www.nationalarchives.gov.uk uses Nom, (Voc),Acc, Gen, Dat, Abl.  What could you advice me to do to avoid being confused?

Also, first declension nouns i.e. Gen you spell ‘ae ‘(pronounced ‘e’ and some pronounces as ‘aj’) and nationalarchives is spelled e.  Could you please help me to avoid confusion as I need to clarify my mind, please?”


Here is my reply:


I am sorry for the long delay.  

As far as I can tell, all of Europe uses the following order of the cases:

  • Nominative and sometimes Vocative
  • Accusative
  • Genitive
  • Dative
  • Ablative

In America, we use a different order

  • Nominative 
  • Genitive
  • Dative
  • Accusative
  • Ablative
  • Vocative

I am not sure why two systems developed over time, but, for some reason, they did.

I grew up in Europe, but did not start learning Latin until I returned to America for college.  After college, I began to teach myself Latin.  SInce I was in America, I ended up learning the American order.  

Years later, I discovered Lingua Latina, by Hans Ørberg.  Since he was from Denmark, he used the European order.  I wish I had started with the European order, because, to be honest, I think it makes more sense. 

As for pronunciation, I learned by imitation.  I simply listened to this over and over again.  I would pause and imitate often.  

Let me know if I can be more help to you.

Dwane Thomas