I get this question, or questions like this, every week:

I have two kids entering Challenge 1 this year in CC, and I am interested in your Henle 1 class. Would I need to pay 250.00 per child? Also, if I were to sign them up for the class where their work is graded, would it be 500.00 per child? Thanks for your time,

Here is my reply:

Good morning, Sarah!

In response to your question, no.  One price per family.  I have switched my site so that there is a family price, instead of an individual price for each student. I am tired of getting ripped off all the time for having a large family.   I decided to treat others the way I would like to be treated.  

I guess people just can’t believe that I’m serious.   This explains why the question keeps popping up.

I like helping people.  Unlike some other online programs, I don’t have a desire to squeeze families for every last dollar I can get from them.

I see myself as a helpful advisor, not a money extraction machine. I am likely leaving money on the table.  Maybe a lot of money.  That’s okay.  I can sleep well at night this way.