I received this question about Henle Latin some time ago:

I am in a co op with just three, possibly four students.  They all had a very poor year last year in Henle 1.  Where would you recommend I begin?  Do you recommend going back in Henle 1 for review, or just starting over with this program in the beginning?  Is there review in Latin 2?  How do I show this video to this class…have each family purchase the download?  Thank you so much.

My reply:

Visual Latin covers the same grammatical concepts that Henle Latin covers.  In some cases, like gerunds, Visual Latin covers more.

Henle Latin teaches more vocabulary than Visual Latin, though.  After Visual Latin, you will definitely be ready to face the grammar in Henle Latin, but, I am afraid you will have to catch up on vocabulary.

Henle pushes kids toward Caesar, Visual Latin pushes toward the New Testament.  The grammar is the same in those books, but the vocabulary is often different.  For example, there are many “war” words you need to read Caesar that you do not need to read the New Testament.

Vocabulary is easy to add later if students are hard working.

As far as purchasing, If you are watching videos together in class, just purchase one copy.  If you are assigning students videos at home, they will each need a copy.

Let me know if I can be of further help.


By the way… if you do not want to teach Henle Latin this year, I will do it for you.  Jump in here.