If you are using Visual Latin with another program, I recommend you skip Visual Latin, section C.  This saves you a little time.  Besides, the other program you are using will provide plenty of extra reading.

At least one Visual Latin user, however, disagrees with me:

I received this email:

“Hi. I’m using Henle with my 12 yo daughter. We’re just starting out. We have done a year of Latina Christiana to which I am SO grateful. Henle is ugly and not comprehensive in the beginning.

A friend of mine told me about Visual Latin. We LOVE it! I was reading through your recommendations and you sell your program short a bit. I think that even if the child does Henle, she should do all 3 worksheets and the test. AND listen to C AND listen to the pronunciation part of the video. It’s short and very helpful. You state not to do C unless in high school. BUT I think it should be for everything. Just my .02.”