I received this question:

Since you have been kind to reply, in your experience with Henle and CC, are there any other tools you have found that would make learning the Latin easier for me or my students?

Here is my reply:

If you join any of my classes, you will learn all my tricks.  I hold nothing back.  That said, here are a few resources I think everyone needs while learning Latin.

1. Wine.  

2. Beer.

Okay, I am kidding.  The first two were jokes.  Kind of.  But, not really.  Seriously.  I’m kidding.  Confused?  Me too.

Okay, for real this time…

1. Whitaker’s Words: http://archives.nd.edu/words.html (Leep this open while you work.  Nothing like it.)

2. Latin-Dictionary: http://latin-dictionary.net/ (a back-up in case Whitaker’s Words goes down)

3. The Latin Dictionary:  http://latindictionary.wikidot.com/verb:vocare (powerful verb conjugator)

4. The Latin tutorial:  https://www.youtube.com/user/latintutorial (lots of helpful videos)

5. The Audio Vulgate: http://www.bible.is/LTNNVV/Matt/1 (The Bible as a free, dramatized audio book.  Imitate pronunciation)

6. Via: https://dwanethomas.com/downloads/via-latin-lost/ (all my best secrets for learning Latin, or almost anything)

7. Visual Latin (one of only two comprehensive Latin DVD courses on the planet.  Here is the other one:  http://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/latin-101-learning-a-classical-language.html)

I am turning this into a blog post.  As I think of more ideas, I will add them.

This should get you going, though.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Dwane Thomas