I received this note from someone in the (now defunct) Word Up Live class.

I have been out of town on a business trip this week on Pacific time. I can get up at 4 am, but 3 am was asking too much with a full day’s work following….so I did not join this week. 

I will be home in the morning so I plan to join the group again. I’m hoping you’re still holding the early morning chats?  

I am ever so grateful that you have gifted me with the habit of getting up early!  It has changed my life!!  Thank you!!!!  You have also given me a new love of words with the many tips and tricks to learn new words!!  

Here is my reply:

I fell sick and then ended up in a family-drama tar pit.  In the end, I canceled the class.  Considering bringing it back, but at the moment, it’s dead in the water.

Careful with the early rising habit.  I totaled a car once because I was driving tired.  I had gotten up early that morning.  Just want to warn you.

Perhaps I should let Mark Twain warn you. “Don’t believe all that nonsense about rising early.  I knew a man who got up early one morning, and a horse bit him.”  

Have a happy Friday!