I received this question:

Just to clarify:  The syllabus schedule would have us meeting, Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14 and Dec 21, then NOT meeting on Dec 28 & Jan 4.

GoToMeeting (and thus my calendar) have us skipping Dec 21 and Dec 28 and then meeting Jan 4.  

Personally, I’m fine either way – just wanted to be sure we planned it out properly and my student is there for the live show so he can ask questions if needed.    

The syllabus also has two weeks listed as spring break (which you’ve mentioned we won’t be taking and that are not on the GoToMeeting schedule).  

Thanks for all you do – the class has been great and having someone else accountable for grading has lit a fire under my son!  

Here is my reply:

Correct.  Go with the syllabus.  We will not be back on January 4.  And, also correct.  I currently have no plan to stop for spring break.  I was afraid the situation might change and my schedule might face disruption next year.  Sure enough, I may have to stop one week early as I will be in Italy, preparing to take tours to Rome and beyond.  

I will make sure the last class is recorded.  I will likely offer the final class at a special time to wrap up the year.  Attendance will be optional.