In March, my family and I drove to Miami.   We left our van at a storage facility about 20 minutes from the airport.  It was our plan to pick it up in July when we returned from Athens.

But, then my son crashed in Denver, and we flew directly from Athens.  Our van stayed in Miami.

A few days ago (Monday), I flew down to Miami to pick up our van.  A good friend of mine sent some frequent flyer miles my way so that I wouldn’t have to pay for the flight.  Thanks, Zach.

I arrived in Miami about 8 o’clock Monday night, took an Uber to the storage facility, checked the fluids, started the van, and began the 16-hour drive home.

Unfortunately, tropical storm Emily showed up about the same time I did.  Lots of rain.

About two hours north of Miami, near Cocoa Beach, the windshield wipers on my old van gave out.  I pulled into the gas station and waited for the rain to stop.  I ended up sleeping there in the parking lot until about five in the morning.

By five or so, the skies were clear.   I drank some coffee and began driving again.

Didn’t get very far this time.  A little north of Cocoa Beach, The power steering went out.  I pulled over again and checked all the fluids.  I learned to drive in the 80s.  I knew I could live without power steering.  I decided to keep on driving.

I I got back on the interstate and drove about a mile or two before all systems began shutting down.

I pulled over on the side of the interstate, called AAA, and waited for a while.  None of the towing companies could get to me for an hour or so.

So, I spent about an hour on Duo Lingo practicing Italian and Greek.

Long story short (probably too late for that) I had the van towed to a salvage yard.  The tow truck driver dropped me off at a car rental location.

What was supposed to take16 hours ended up taking over 24 hours.  Naturally, I’m behind again on emails.  I believe at some point in my life I must have offended email gods.  Now there are angry with me.

Anyway, I’m home now.  Doing my best to catch up.  You should hear from me soon.