After three weeks of travel, my family and I are finally in Greece. I am exhausted from travel and will keep this short.

My tip for this week is simple.  Check out this site:

Because of European border laws, my family was not able to enter Greece until a week after we had planned to enter.  This left us stranded in Israel.  With no contacts, we were stuck.

The family behind SourceFlix opened their home to us.  We crowded into their apartment for a week.  Rarely have I experienced the kind of hospitality they provided.

Naturally, we got to know each other quite well while living together.

Joel and his family have been living in Israel for some time.  Joel is an archaeologist and a filmaker.

He also happens to be one of the first men to cross New Guinea without motors.  Honestly, after hearing some of his stories, I am surprised he is still alive.  His book is here:

I used to think my family and I were on an adventure… until I met this family.  Check out their site:

As for me… it’s late here.  I am going to sleep.

Happy Saturday!

Dwane Thomas Tip of the Week – April 2, 2016