I received this email a few days ago.  It inspired me.  I hope I am still pushing myself mentally at 65!

“Just a note to let you know I am a new subscriber to your email list and love it! The above one about archives.org is very interesting.

Also, your email last week about preparing Visual Latin while living in a very simple home was inspiring.

I took Visual Latin I and II this past summer, and loved your style. It is nice to know more about the person who prepared it. I admire you even more now.

By the way, I am the 65-year-old person who sent you a few emails while taking the class. I did finish it this summer, but I did not do a good job with all the endings. It was still worth it for all of the root words I learned.

You are ONE FABULOUS TEACHER. And to think you prepared this while living a very simple lifestyle! That is extra impressive. God has given you immense talent. Continue to use it for His glory. 

I appreciate you.”

– J