I received this bag of questions:

Thank you for your response. So glad to hear Latin is so popular!

Third Form is year 3 of the Memoria Press program. I like it okay, but I think it lacks something extra for my son. We have been working on Latin for about 3 years, so it have taken it slower than one form/year. So far, we have covered all conjugations, active, passive and vocative voices, all declensions, 1st/2nd and 3rd declension adjectives, some adverbs, a few pronouns, and prepositions and probably a few other things . That said, it is not like we have all this information at our mental finger tips.

I am bit confused on the difference between Visual Latin and your Lingua Latina classes. Are they a completely different  thing, or are your Visual Latin videos teaching out of Lingua Latina, or something else? I viewed the one of your VL lesson, I  think that we have probably covered most of the material in VL Year 1, if not  VL year 2.

We are in the Middle East, so we would definitely not be able to  participate in Lingua Latina live class. But as I understand it, as subscribers, we could view the recording at our own convenience and as such treat it as if it were a video course?

If we opted for you not to correcting our homework, is there an answer key option? And if we at first initially tried to go it on our own–without homework correction, can we add/pay that option later if we change our mind?

Is the $250/$500 fee access to the both Lingua Latina years, or is there another $$250/$500 fee for Year 2 of Lingua Latina?

When you say “you can take the class over again” do you mean that can be done without paying any extra fee? In other words, once we paid for it, we have life time access to that class?

Sorry to be asking so may question, just want to make sure I understand correctly.

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

You are correct.  Visual Latin and my live online classes are different products.  

Visual Latin is an entertaining (I hope) explanation of the complicated Latin grammar.  Sounds like you have much of that down already.  

The live online classes on my site are “next level” classes for students who are ready for more advanced, more challenging Latin.

True.  As subscribers, you would have access to every live class I teach as well as access to the previously recorded classes.  

However, if you know that you just want to go through Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg for example, you could pay a one-time tuition for life-time access.  This is how you can take the class over and over again.  This also applies to the live classes.  You can come to the live class as many times as you need to.  Of course, I know that currently does not apply to you…

To be clear, if you signed up for Lingua Latin only, you would have access to those videos for as long as my site exists.  Which, I hope is a very long time….

Correct again.  The cost for Lingua Latina 1 is $250, and the cost for Lingua Latina 2 is $250.  If you want me to grade your work, you are basically hiring me as a tutor.  It’s more expensive simply because it’s so time-consuming on my end.  You can always change plans mid-stream.  There are no contracts, no penalties, and none of that other cell phone nonsense.

As for the answer key, I have a massive document on my computer.  It is basically a record of all my responses to students over the years.  I am happy to send to you whatever chapter you need, or whatever exercise you need.  Soon, I hope to turn it into a book/answer key.  Just can’t quite figure out how to do it.  Moving to Greece in a few months to write (and master Greek).  Hoping to have a solution/answer key by the end of my time there.

I hope I have answered all of your questions.  Let me know if you need more help!