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Hello,  I am taking Visual Latin 1, and I have a question. On lesson 16c, the translation, there is the sentence “Columba non aridam in aqua videt.” , which according to the answer key means “The dove does not see dry land in the water”. How can it mean that without having the word terra, meaning land?

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Good morning, Sam!

You have asked a common, but a complicated question.   This is called a substantive adjective.   When an adjective acts as a noun, you don’t have to include the now in the sentence.

For example, Jesus says in the New Testament, “the meek will inherit the earth.”   The meek what?   The meek people.   And yet, he doesn’t use the word people.   That’s because meek is a substantive adjective.

This video may help: https://youtu.be/BEuX87mDOwg

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