I wasn’t planning to be in Tennessee this summer.  I was going to be studying Greek in Greece and I was going to be giving informal tours of Athens and Corinth to mission teams.

But, everything changed in a moment.  My son nearly lost his life in a car accident in Aurora, Colorado.  My family and I ended up here for six weeks.  He is able to travel again.  We start driving home today.

Before I say anything else, I’d like to say thank you to the Denver area Classical Conversations community.  Thank you for the meals, the prayers, the help and the hospitality.  You have tempted my family.  We have discussed moving to Colorado.  No humidity?  No mosquitos?  Where do we sign up?

Here’s the thing.  I didn’t grow up in the South and I don’t like summers in the South.  Too humid.  Too many mosquitos.  Most of my childhood summers were spent in Holland, England, and Germany.  Those were not humid summers.  In Tennessee, I’d rather stay inside.  Sooo, I am going to.

While hibernating (aestivating, technically) inside this summer, I am going to teach some summer classes.  These are classes I always want to get to, but never seem to have time to for during the school year.

I will be taking students through the Gospel of Matthew in Latin.  This is a perfect way to review what you have learned.  It is also a perfect way to get ready for tougher books like Caesar’s Gallic Chore.  (Sorry, I meant: war.  Not chore.)

I will also be taking students through a Lingua Latina review course.  Lingua Latina is the toughest (and best) Latin curriculum out there.  This class will keep you from losing what you learned.

And, of course, if you are interested, I will keep several other classes running.  We will continue reading through Caesar’s book, and we will continue reading through the history of Rome.

These classes will run through June and July.  I will be taking August off to write and to prepare for the upcoming school year.

All of the summer classes are open to current subscribers.  Just contact me and ask for the summer schedule.

Of course, I will not respond.  I will be on the road until late Monday night.  You may not hear from me until Tuesday.

Have a happy Saturday!
Dwane Thomas

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