Several years ago, I worked my way through the entire podcast series, “The History of Rome” by Mike Duncan.  It was excellent.

I am planning to go through the series again.   In fact, I hope to start again in Greece.

I am teaching my way through Hans Ørberg’s Roma Aeterna at the moment.  The book is a 400-page history of Rome, in Latin.

Though the site is a bit difficult to navigate, but trust me.  It’s worth it.  If you have a dog to walk, a yard to mow, a car to wash, or a long lonely drive ahead, the History of Rome will keep you company.

Warning: There is periodic swearing in this podcast.  If I had to rate it, I would rate it PG – 13.

Here is page 6 of the series (Start at page 6 and work your way back):