There are only two full-sized Parthenon’s in the world.  One is in Athens.  It’s the original.  Perhaps you have heard of it.  The other Parthenon is located in Nashville, Tennessee.  It’s close to my home.

Greece has taught me much over the last three months.  One lesson I was not expecting was a lesson in pricing.

For my family to visit the Parthenon in Athens, Greece (we have not visited it, yet), I will pay 24 euros, about 26 dollars.  My wife and I will buy tickets.  Children up to 18 are granted free access.

For my family to visit the replica Parthenon in my own Nashville, Tennessee, we will pay 32 dollars.  Adult tickets are $6.  Tickets for children are $4.

Did you catch that?  The original Parthenon is cheaper than the replica.

Why?  It’s because I have a large family.  I have five children.  Bach home, in America, I am constantly punished for having five children.

In Greece, my children have visited nearly every site for free.  In general, children under 18 are free.  In the U.S. my children are always charged.

We will land in New York City next week.  My kids wanted to climb the Statue of Liberty.  To go to the top of the statue, my wife and I will pay $42.  My children will each be charged $21.  For all of us to visit the Statue of Liberty, I will have to pay $147.
Nope.  Not interested.  We will look at the statue from the shore.
I have enjoyed Greece.  I have enjoyed not being penalized for having a large family.   It means a lot to me that children are admitted for free to so much in this country.

I am tired of the large family penalty in America.  I know you are tired of it, too.  This is the reason I changed the pricing on my own site.

On average, online Latin courses cost $500.  Per student.  If you have five children (like me), you will pay $2,500 per year for Latin.  Sorry!  You shouldn’t have five children!

I can’t stand that.

If you sign up for an online Latin class with me, you will pay $500 per family.  When it comes to charging you, I am more Greek than I am American.

I am likely leaving money on the table.  Maybe a lot of money.

That’s okay.  I can sleep well at night this way.

Have a happy Saturday!
Dwane Thomas, June 25, 2016