It’s was too hot and humid in Tennessee, so I left.  

Right now, I am in Nebraska.  This morning, I’m headed to the Agate Fossil Beds in Harrison, Nebraska… because I am fascinated by that kind of stuff.  

There are fossil graveyards all over the world, as it turns out:  

Then, it’s off to Colorado to hang out with my son who lives up in the Rocky Mountains… where it is not too hot and humid.  

The real reason I am out here is to hit a goal.  One of my goals was to learn French someday.  

A local homeschool tutorial wanted to offer French this upcoming school year.  They couldn’t find a French teacher.  So, I volunteered.  This will keep me from wasting time.  

(This is how I learned Latin, too.  I volunteered.)

When it comes to goals, I follow the goal-setting advice of Dr. Gary North: 

  1. Aim high.
  2. Count the cost.
  3. Set a deadline.
  4. Make it public.
  5. Get it done.
  6. Learn from your mistakes.
  7. Do it again . . . faster.

He sent this advice out in one of his weekly emails:

So, I am driving around out here listening to French language learning books and podcasts.  My deadline is August 10.  That’s when classes resume.  No turning back now.  

If you are trying to hit a goal, you can do the same.  


Classes will resume one month from today.

In August, classes will resume.  We will pick up where we left off.  Classes will resume Tuesday, August 10.  

During the month of August, we will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.  

After Labor Day (Monday, September 6) classes will meet every weekday morning, Monday through Friday.