You are familiar with hibernatingHiberna, in Latin, means winter quarters.  Military term.  When animals hibernate, they go into “winter quarters”.

The Latin word for summer is aestas.  From aestas, English gets the word aestivate.

Aestivating is the same as hibernating.  Only opposite.  To hibernate is to go into hiding because its too cold outside.  To aestivate is to go into hiding because its too hot outside.  I don’t handle the heat well.  I suffer from heatstrokes when there is a crescent moon.  So, that’s my excuse.  I’ve been aestivating.

Here’s the tip of the week.

My wife and I have been traveling a bit this summer.  Nothing special.  Just driving from one hot state to another mostly.

Whenever we travel, we always use a packing list developed by travel writer Rick Steves.  We’ve been using these packing lists for years.  Keeps us from bringing too much.  Thanks to the lists, we rarely forget any essentials.

The lists are simple, and yet, they work.  For short trips and for long trips.

If you want to pack light, and have everything you need for your trip, check out the Rick Steve’s packing list.

Here is the packing list for men:

Here is the packing list for women:

As Rick Steves says, “Remember to pack light to enjoy the sweet freedom of true mobility. Happy travels!”