I recently read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Unlike so many of the current productivity books, this is a book I can actually recommend. It feels a little corporate of times, and the opening story is rough (Mr. Clear suffered a traumatic injury), but I recommend it.

While I took much away from this book, my biggest takeaway was this: embrace boredom.

When setting goals, we get excited at the beginning.  I am always excited to start a new language, for example. But after a while, the excitement wears off.  What then?

Atomic Habits tells us what to do next.  Develop a routine.  Develop a checklist, and then.. keep going.  Embrace the boredom.  If you can, fall in love with boredom.

If you’re learning a language, develop a routine and stick with the routine.  Understand that the routine will get old.  Stick to it anyway.

Don’t quit when it gets boring.