Evidently, the tip of the week I sent out last week contained quite a few typos.

My wife read it and asked me, “Did you speak your tip of the week into your computer this week?  Did you check for typos?”

So, I read the tip again.

Sure enough, there were quite a few typos.

Doesn’t really surprise me.  I have Type-O blood.

And, that is why, this week, I am recommending Grammarly.

You likely already know about Grammarly.  It’s rather popular.  Grammarly checks your grammar and spelling as you type.

Check it out here: https://grammarly.us.com/

You can sign up for a paid version, but the free version does quite a bit.   I am quite happy with the free version.  Should’ve used it last week, in fact.  Heh.


A trip to France

On another note, I have some big news.  For years, students have been begging me to take them to Europe.

I always liked the idea, but the thought of organizing such a trip overwhelmed me.

For some time, I have been exploring various options.  And, I am happy to announce that in May, I am offering a trip to France.

We will start in Paris, then spend time in Normandy, St. Malo, and Chartes before returning to Paris to fly home.

This trip is open to anyone who would like to come.  It is an experimental trip.  I am testing Explorica to see how it all goes.  If this trip goes well (and, I am convinced it will), this could become an annual event.

The price includes flights as well as local tour guides.  Having local tour guides was the deciding factor for me.  In my experience, having a local tour guide enhances the trip so much more.  This is the main reason I chose to test Explorica as a tour company.

The dates are May 16 through May 23, 2023.

You can see all the tour includes here: https://www.explorica.com/Thomas-3477