After several years of studying French, I am able to understand most of what I read.  I can also understand much of what I hear.

But, when it comes to speaking French?  When it comes to turning my thoughts into French?  That’s a different story.

I find it quite difficult to speak French.  In order to master spoken French, I know I have only one choice.  I must practice speaking French.

This year, I am experimenting with Italki.  So, far, so good.

I find Italki easy to use.  Simply go onto the site, pick your target language (there are many), and look for a tutor.

I chose tutors based on the time I have available.  Since there are so many tutors on Italki, you can set your own schedule.   When it is time for a lesson, simply log in and start practicing.

My tutors/teachers have been quite willing to adjust to my goals.  I am trying to level up in spoken French.  For this reason, we just talk.

If you need to level up in a language, and you are tired of books and grammar classes, definitely check out Italki.

And, as a bonus, the prices are quite reasonable.

By the way, the Italki links in this email are affiliate links.   I don’t mind.  I only promote what I like.  And, so far, I am really enjoying it!


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